Social media attacks your brain

It doesn’t matter if you have issues with ADHA or if you have problems focusing from time to time. The modern world is full of stuff that kills your concentration, and social media is one of them.

The cell phones and the internet provide you various possibilities to connect or to disconnect with someone, numerous times during a day. Only one status update is available to direct your thought and set them back, slowing you in your work.

You itch to answer your emails

Even though many people consider emails as an old technology, it is very present in the business world. Even if your emails are business related they still are distraction from the work and. You won’t make much of work if your concentration is disrupted.

The cell phone is the main distractor

This little gadget is probably the main distractor, and even one call can set you off, and we aren’t even talking about the browsing of the internet. If you are working on some important task, the cell phone can be an important disruptor of your attention.


If think that you mastered this skill, and you can do the different task in the short amount of time, experts advise you to think again.

Based on some research every time you shift to another task; you lose time in that process. Experts advise you to do one task at the time, then working them all at the same time.

Boredom can be a powerful distraction

During the day we have various tasks, some can be more appealing than others. Boredom can have a great effect on your attention, in those moments, you become extremely vulnerable to any distraction. Even the small stuff, such as cell phone, newspapers, prospects, that are on your working space can serve you as a distraction.

How can mobile gadgets kill your concentration?

Whether you use a mobile phone, tablet or computer, if you are doing any work that doesn’t look too appealing, you can easily find distraction in these kinds of stuff, and your possibilities are vast. One way to protect yourself from distraction is to work continuously one period and then to take a break.


Stress is a powerful tool that can seriously endanger your health. Often you will feel that you have too many tasks on your head, and they will make it difficult to focus. The stress can cause you stiff shoulders, heart problems, headaches and many chronicle diseases.

How can you prevent all these situations?

The most important part is trying to keep your focus. These are a lot of techniques you can learn. The lack of concentration can give you stressful situations in the work and everyday life.

You will feel like you can’t make it everything, but try to limit yourself from these distractions, the break from work is an essential thing, it will give you much needed recovery and you will function better.