By recent research, scientists have discovered that depression is one of the most spread diseases in the 21st century. It has the same effect like obesity and smoking, and it is equally dangerous for the health. The shocking fact is that this disease strikes young people between the 16 and 30 years’ old.

The symptoms a depressed person has

Depressed or lonely persons often have the sense of isolation, sorrow, and hopelessness, which is always present, even when he or she is surrounded by a great number of people.

The sense of sadness is deep rooted in their core because they consider that no one can understand them and that they can’t find anyone to rely on in the difficult moments. In most cases those feelings are not founded. Depressed persons have a lack of motivation and appetite.

What are the causes of depression?

Sometimes it can be inherited; it appears in families that have bipolar disorder. Every person can suffer from depression, but the persons who are by the nature too emotional, easily scared, have low self-esteem, heat injustice, and criticism, have bigger chance to suffer from depression.

If you are constantly under the stress, it can change the function and the structure of your brain. Many types of depression can be explained as harmful effects of the stress.

Are there different types of depression?

Indeed, depression, as a common name, has its types, and each of these types has different symptoms, causes and methods of treatment.

Most common types of depression?

Apathetic depression – the person who is affected by this type has an obsessive compulsive need for food and sleeping; it is sensitive to rejection and events that happen in its surroundings have a great effect on person’s mood.

Clinical depression – this is a combination of various symptoms, it affects on food, sleeping, studying and it kills the desire for life. Clinical depression is extremely strong; it can paralyze the person completely.
Bipolar depression – here we have two type, it usually manifests with one maniacal episode in the early history of the disease.
Seasonal depression – it appears every year at the same time.

Can the patient cure the causes of depression by himself?

It will be useless to expect that depression will just go away by the power of positive thought and strong will. It can happen, but rarely because it was the optimism and free will that disappeared from patients live and he’s desperate to have them back.

Diagnosing the disease

The depression is not a disease which is hard to diagnose. It will be sufficient to ask the patient whether he feels sad, scared, lifeless and can he truly laugh?

Treatment of depression

When it’s diagnosed that patient suffers from depression, doctors usually give him tranquilizers as a short term solution, but depression is cured with antidepressants. They can use sedatives and neuroleptics when they have probable cause for that in any other case it’s not justified.