Diabetes – Disease That Destroys Your Body

Diabetes – Disease That Destroys Your Body

How does diabetes acts?

Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease of modern age. It’s a condition in which the level of sugar in the blood, glucose, is above the normal range. The decreased secretion of insulin is the main cause why the blood sugar is so high. Insulin is the hormone and the pancreas controls the level of glucose in the blood.

What are the first symptoms?

The first symptoms that appear are frequent urination, dry mouth, constant thirst, problems with sight, dry and irritated skin, even the smallest wounds heal slowly. These symptoms are followed with sudden hunger; person loses or gains weight quickly, it has common changes of the mood, it sweats heavily and its arms and legs become numb.

When does diabetes first appear?

Diabetes can manifest itself in different ways. It appears suddenly, until the 20th year or life, in about three, five of ten days. After this age, it can appear rapidly, but that doesn’t happen very often, mostly after some infection, when your immune system is in danger. In the elder age diabetes strikes slowly, almost insensibly, it can be developed from two to eight weeks, or it can be prolonged even on few months.

Are there different types of diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2; this disease can also be found in pregnancy. They all have their symptoms and different methods of treatment.

Types of diabetes

Diabetes type 1 – this is the hardest type of this disease, and it occurs because the cells of the pancreas produce the small amounts of insulin, or they don’t produce it at all. Diabetes type one can be developed at any time of life, children and young people have it more often.
Diabetes type 2 – this is the most spread type od this disease in the world. In this type, the pancreas produces the insulin, but not in the sufficient amount, or the body has developed resistance to insulin. People that passed 40 years of life often have this type.

Why is it important to identify diabetes from the start?

If this disease hasn’t diagnosed on time, it can damage your health, and it can even cause the failure of kidneys and coma. Sometimes it can appear in pregnancy because the women go through changes in hormonal balance.

Are there precautions regarding this disease?

Since it occurs suddenly, no one can give you precaution measures, but there are few ways that might be able to help. Healthy life, diet, exercise and life with less stress is one way to go.


Therapy is mostly combined with diet, oral medications and injections of insulin to use of herbal teas and mild physical activity. Garlic and onion are extremely beneficial for diabetics, if you can’t satisfy your thirst, doctors advise to try a whey. You can drink tea made from blueberries dried leaves. Stevia is recent discovery on the market, but successfully it solves problems as a healthy substitute for sugar.