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Basic Beginner Mat Exercises

Exercising comes with a variety of benefits, including increased fitness. However, working out may be a bit challenging for some people due to time constraints. Gym sessions may also be a bit too costly and inconvenient at times. All this should not be an excuse not to work out if you intend to improve your fitness.

Investing in a mat can help you solve the problem. Mat exercises can be done in the comfort of your home and take a relatively shorter amount of time to complete compared to other formsĀ of exercises. In addition to the mat, you may also need proper workout shoes and clothes. Below are a few simple but effective mat exercises that you can do as a beginner.


plank workout

Plank is a great type of mat exercise that is aimed at strengthening your core muscles, including the abs, back, and shoulder muscles. It is done in an almost similar way to pushups, but you have to hold one position for the longest time possible as opposed to pushing up and down. To get into the correct position, start by lying face down on your mat. Lift your body and bend your elbows under your shoulders such that the body is parallel to the ground and hold that position. As your stamina builds, you will be able to maintain the position for a long time.


This type of exercise works the gluteus muscles and the hamstrings muscles. To do this mat exercise, start by lying down on your back and stretch your arms close to your body with the palms facing down. Bend the knees and then push your hips up such that the entire body weight gets supported by the feet, head, and shoulders. The higher you lift your hips, the more difficult the exercise will feel. This is an excellent type of activity for anyone who sits down on a chair for long periods.


folding a matCrunches are great for working the abs. You can do the exercise by lying down on your back and then bending your knees with your feet still on the ground. Hold the back of your neck and pull yourself up to a sitting position, ensuring that all the tension goes to the abdominal area. Go back down and repeat it for a number of times. Holding yourself up for some seconds before going down may increase the level of difficulty for the exercise.


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